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Website Design
Your website should be awesome.

Having a website designed by your nephew isn't going to cut it in today's tough online market; you need to get serious. Having a professionally designed website is only the beginning to ensure your company's success online. For many organizations, websites are so complicated that the message—the call to action—is lost. For others, websites convey only the most basic information—not enough to effectively promote the organization or elicit a response. We make web design projects a simple process, and we do all of the work.

What sets us apart from other web design firms?

1. We do not use any design templates.

Every website by Innovated Media is designed from scratch based on our client's preferences, their logo, and the top three sites that our client really likes. This guarantees that every client has a unique site that is unlike any other and captures all of the elements in the design that are important to our client(s). Look through our portfolio; you won't find any cookie-cutting going on.

2. We approach every project differently.

There are dozens of ways to build a website. Innovated Media helps determine a platform for your company's website that will best serve your organization—we don't just do something one way because we've done it that way before. We customize every one of our websites, and stay flexible in order to fit the needs of our clients.

3. We do not require any money up front.

Most web design firms require up to 50% of the total cost of the project up front before they begin any work. Innovated Media does not require anything except a signed contract to begin work. We understand that our clients want to see something before they start spending money, and we are confident in the quality of our work and our experience to know that we will provide professional work that our clients will be proud of.

tulsa seoSearch Engine Optimization | Internet Marketing
Maximizing your exposure.

Search engine optimization and Internet marketing are tasks best handled by a professional or by a team of professionals. In the same way a web design or Internet marketing firm wouldn’t interfere with the daily operations of your business, you, as a business owner, should focus on your strengths to lead your company in the right direction, and bring on a web design firm like Innovated Media to assist in areas that we specialize in such as maximizing your influence online.

Innovated Media only practices white hat search engine optimization practices in accordance with the latest advancements in search engine technology. That's a fancy way of saying that we are constantly researching the latest updates and releases from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find out what affects the placement of websites and website content in their indexes. SEO and Internet Marketing are new fields—even to web design firms—and the technology is constantly changing. We take the initiative to learn these changes before they become main stream so that we can provide our clients with the most useful SEO tools available.

Logo Design and Branding
Make a First & Lasting Impression

Innovated Media knows what needs to be done visually for people to become aware of what you do. Combining market research and creativity, your logo & stationery package will help your target audience remember you when it’s time to do business.Professional letterhead and stationery design will integrate the look and feel of your new identity to make your message stand out.

The process of “branding” is nothing more than “stamping” your logo and mission statement on everything that you do, much like ranchers do with their livestock. Read more about how to brand your organization.

Brochures and Flyers
Put something in the hands of your target audience.

Whether it’s a simple letterhead, a brochure or flyer, newsletter, or a simple business card, Innovated Media makes the most of every opportunity to communicate your message and reach potential clients.

We can also design large format print designs such as trade show banners, vehicle graphics, and billboards.


E-Mail Marketing
Increase your ROI

E-mail marketing is a great way to communicate with existing clients and generate leads and sales. We love e-mail marketing because the results of each campaign can be tracked and measured against your marketing goals. Innovated Media can setup a custom-designed template that resembles your website and provide the training needed for you and your staff to use the template to drive more leads and sales to people that would probably never visit your website. It's a fantastic way to take the content to the consumer instead of waiting for them to come to you for that information.