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WordPress Tutorials | Learn How to Use WordPress

These WordPress video tutorials are specifically designed to help clients of Innovated Media (or if you aren't one of our clients, and you found this page, help yourself!) learn how to use WordPress and effectively manage their online content without our assistance.

Ongoing education is important when creating your own content online. As rapidly as this industry (web design, Internet marketing) changes and imporoves with technological advances, we are constantly re-educating ourselves and learning new ways to create engaging content online that is search engine friendly.

These tutorials are not in-depth by any means, but rather an overview of what you will encounter the most while using WordPress to manage your website or blog. For more in-depth and lengthy tutorials that cover every aspect of WordPress, we use and recommend Lynda.com. Their subscription price is $30/month and provides you access to every tutorial for every kind of software you can possibly think of.

Enjoy the tutorials – we really hope they help you get on track quickly. Contact Innovated Media if you have problems in WordPress that you can't figure out, or if you would like to request a custom WordPress tutorial for your website for $299.

If you are looking for a very brief overview of WordPress, check out this Wordpress sneak peek. You can also check out some more generic, professional video tutorials for WordPress by visiting:

WordPress Training Part 1 | The Dashboard

Learn what the purpose of the WordPress dashboard is, along with some basic information about WordPress that you need to know.


WordPress Training Part 2 | The Media Library

The WordPress media library is used for storing all of the pictures, graphics, music, and movies that you have uploaded to your WordPress website. You will need to be very familiar with what the WordPress media library is and how it works.


WordPress Training Part 3 | Widgets

In this tutorial, learn what sidebar widgets are, how to install them, and how to configure them.


WordPress Training Part 4 | Links and Blogroll

I'm sure you know what "links" are for, but in WordPress, they are handled a bit differently. In this tutorial, you'll learn what Blogroll and Links are, and how to use them on your WordPress site.



WordPress Training Part 5 | Basic Content Editing 1

Learn to create new pages in WordPress, and how to use some of the basic content editing functions of the WordPress platform like inserting photos, graphics, and hyperlinks.



WordPress Training Part 5 | Basic Content Editing 2

Learn how to manage menus and submenus in WordPress.



WordPress Training Part 5 | Anchor Tags

In this segment of Basic Content Editing, we briefly cover how to insert anchor tags into your WordPress pages and posts.



WordPress Training Part 5 | Basic Content Editing 3

In this segment of Basic Content Editing, we briefly cover how to restore old versions of pages and posts.




WordPress Training Part 6 | Blogging

How to post a blog entry in WordPress using basic-intermediate web design standards and most importantly learning how to optimize your post for the search engines.




Wordpress Tutorials for Plugins


WordPress Training - Formidable (Form Building) Plugin

This tutorial will show you how to use and style the Formidable Pro Wordpress plugin for use on your blog or website.



WordPress Training - Cycle Playlist (Rotating Header) Plugin

This tutorial will show you how to use and style the Cycle Playlist plugin on your blog or website.



WordPress Training - Audio Archive Custom Post Type

This tutorial will show you how to manage and update your audio archive. This "custom post type" is proprietary to Innovated Media's work, so you may not have this feature on your website. This is only for websites that have an audio archive or "listen online" section.